Special Projects

GMG Group is creative, talented and client-centered- delivering tailored service on even your smaller-scale projects. Our team will design, schedule, coordinate and assemble all aspects of each project. We are here to translate your vision into a beautiful finished project.


This requisitioned chair was created using the revolutionary, stain-resistant, environmentally and humidity friendly cement-like material, Concreo, supported by a wood frame structure. The surface is similar in look to cast concrete- compact and regular- with technical features that make it perfect for use in high-level interior design projects. It is also ultra-suitable for laser engraving, thanks to its exceptional compactness. Absolutely similar to poured concrete, it is set to revolutionize the use of concrete in Interior Design.

Customized Doors

From Craftsman to Ultra-Modern to Victorian, our carpenters are able to match any home’s original profile and style, while bringing them up to modern-day energy-efficient standards.  Our expert craftspeople build all of our custom doors and windows by hand- no assembly line manufacturing or cookie cutter pieces because no door is one-size-fits-all.   We will assist you at every step of the way for all types of doors- Entrance, Interior, Exterior, Pocket, Tectus Sliding and Pivot doors.  Assistance will be provided regarding wood selection, sizing, privacy, glass insert options and water barrier technology. We ensure safety and performance join high-end design and the most extreme customization.

Specialty Tables

Aesthetically pleasing, yet fully functional, our epoxy resin table suggests the element of water in your home or office.  Every unique dining table, desk, coffee table or kitchen island is an individual work of art, providing an heirloom piece to be cherished and handed down to future generations. Each wood slab is hand selected by look, pattern and color. The interior design is, in turn, filled and sealed with ultra-durable epoxy resin, dyed to your color preference.

Commissioned Wine Wall

It all starts with an idea. Here we created a show-stopping display with this expansive wall mounted wine rack, including special lighting, within a beautiful, modern kitchen back-drop.  GMG thrives on creativity and encourages any and all project ideas.  If you dream it, we will deliver it.

Live Edge Slab Procurement

The drive to combine the power of nature with the exceptional artistry of the human hand is at the heart of our endeavors. For us, that process involves taking prized wood that is both locally and sustainably sourced and meticulously transforming it into a piece of furniture art, according to the specific needs of our clients.  Every table is made with excellence in mind.  We ensure that our raw materials are ideally suited to the project, as well as ethically produced.  Walnut, maple, cherry and oak are sourced from various areas within the United States. Slabs are acclimated in our warehouse before the transformation process to a beautiful solid wood table begins.